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The anatomical characteristics and density of wood were examined in 23-year-old Acacia mangium trees that had been planted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The seeds had been collected from trees of five different provenances. The distance from the pith of the boundary between juvenile and mature wood was also examined to clarify the maturity of the wood. Lengths(More)
In deciduous ring-porous hardwoods, three-dimensional networks of the current year’s earlywood vessels play an important role in the movement of water. In the present study, we analyzed the formation of earlywood vessels along the main stem and leaf phenology in two deciduous ring-porous hardwoods, Quercus serrata and Robinia pseudoacacia. We introduced a(More)
Earlywood width in Quercus crispula increased from 1970 to 2004 without changes of vessel anatomy and ring growth. The increase in diameter of a tree stem is an important indicator of forest productivity. Xylem traits, such as the number and cross-sectional area of earlywood vessels, are also critical parameters of forest growth because of the physiological(More)
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