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Digital Rights Management (DRM) enforces the rights of copyright holders and enforces their business models. This imposes restrictions on the way users handle content. These restrictions apply specifically in networked environments. Authorized Domain (AD) DRM concepts remove, or at least reduce, several of these restrictions to a large extent, while at the(More)
n important part of a flight simulator is its control loading system, which is the part that emulates the behaviour of an aircraft as experienced by the pilot through the stick. Such a system consists of a model of the aircraft that is to be simulated and a stick that is driven by an electric motor. To make the simulation as realistic as possible, the(More)
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used to protect copyrighted content from unauthorized use. However, this has taken away the jurisdiction of the consumers over their purchased content as they can no longer freely access the content at any place using any device; given that the license authorizing the consumption of content is typically bound to a(More)
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