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1Steven M. Block
1Alexandre M J J Bonvin
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Interdisciplineary graduate education at the boundaries between physics, mathematics, and biology presents unique challenges for students, faculty, universities, and funding agencies. These challenges range from the pedagogical difficulties of bridging enormously diverse backgrounds to the need for separate departments to recognize such teaching efforts.(More)
Ribosomal frameshifting on viral RNAs relies on the mechanical properties of structural elements, often pseudoknots and more rarely stem-loops, that are unfolded by the ribosome during translation. In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 type B a long hairpin containing a three-nucleotide bulge is responsible for efficient frameshifting. This(More)
It recently has been shown that the observed noise amplitude of an intrinsically noisy system may be reduced by causing the underlying state to fluctuate [Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 950 (2001)]]. This paper extends the previous theory by considering the full power spectrum of the output signal, interpreting noise reduction in terms of the low-frequency end of the(More)
We have studied, with quantitative confocal microscopy, epitaxial colloidal crystal growth of particles interacting with an almost hard-sphere (HS) potential in a gravitational field and density matched colloids interacting with a long-range (LR) repulsive potential with a body-centred cubic (BCC) equilibrium crystal phase. We show that in both cases it is(More)
We present the results for CAPRI Round 30, the first joint CASP-CAPRI experiment, which brought together experts from the protein structure prediction and protein-protein docking communities. The Round comprised 25 targets from amongst those submitted for the CASP11 prediction experiment of 2014. The targets included mostly homodimers, a few homotetramers,(More)
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