Koen Pieterse

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Bone is a composite material in which collagen fibrils form a scaffold for a highly organized arrangement of uniaxially oriented apatite crystals. In the periodic 67 nm cross-striated pattern of the collagen fibril, the less dense 40-nm-long gap zone has been implicated as the place where apatite crystals nucleate from an amorphous phase, and subsequently(More)
Many different hypotheses on the molecular mechanisms of vesicle fusion exist. Because these mechanisms cannot be readily asserted experimentally, we address the problem by a coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations study and compare the results with the results of other techniques. The simulations performed include the fusion of small and large(More)
Novozym 435-catalyzed ring-opening of a range of omega-methylated lactones demonstrates fascinating differences in rate of reaction and enantioselectivity. A switch from S- to R-selectivity was observed upon going from small (ring sizes <or=7) to large lactones (ring sizes >or=8). This was attributed to the transition from a cisoid to a transoid(More)
Self-assembled bilayer membranes have a remarkable inclination to form closed shells or vesicles. This bilayer-vesicle transition has been shown experimentally and by various kinds of computer simulation techniques. Here we study this transition using coarse-grained molecular dynamics. The advantage of this simulation technique is that it allows for a(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood obesity is a major health problem. An association between children's body mass index (BMI) and overeating has been established, but mechanisms leading to overeating are poorly understood. The personality characteristics impulsivity and reward responsiveness may be involved in the tendency to overeat. Impulsivity might relate to(More)
Aldosterone is synthesised by aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2). CYP11B2 has a highly homologous isoform, steroid 11beta-hydroxylase (CYP11B1), which is responsible for the biosynthesis of aldosterone precursors and glucocorticoids. To investigate aldosterone biosynthesis and facilitate the search for selective CYP11B2 inhibitors, we constructed(More)
Molecular transport between organelles is predominantly governed by vesicle fission and fusion. Unlike experimental vesicles, the fused vesicles in molecular dynamics simulations do not become spherical readily, because the lipid and water distribution is inappropriate for the fused state and spontaneous amendment is slow. Here, we study the hypothesis that(More)
Reducing aldosterone action is beneficial in various major diseases such as heart failure. Currently, this is achieved with mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists, however, aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) inhibitors may offer a promising alternative. In this study, we used three-dimensional modeling of CYP11B2 to model the binding modes of the natural(More)
Since 2000 the MRISC study evaluates the psychological consequences of regular breast cancer surveillance for women at increased risk for hereditary breast cancer. Coping style may influence these psychological consequences. In a cohort of 357 women at increased risk for hereditary breast cancer, the impact of coping styles on the course, divided into level(More)
Shape transformations and topological changes of lipid vesicles, such as fusion, budding, and fission, have important chemical physical and biological significance. In this paper, we study the fission process of lipid vesicles. Two distinct routes are considered that are both based on an asymmetry of the lipid distribution within the membrane. This(More)