Koen M. Hooning

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In E. coli homologous recombination, a filament of RecA protein formed on DNA searches and pairs a homologous sequence within a second DNA molecule with remarkable speed and fidelity. Here, we directly probe the strength of the two-molecule interactions involved in homology search and recognition using dual-molecule manipulation, combining magnetic and(More)
The functional state of the genome is determined by its interactions with proteins that bind, modify, and move along the DNA. To determine the positions and binding strength of proteins localized on DNA we have developed a combined magnetic and optical tweezers apparatus that allows for both sensitive and label-free detection. A DNA loop, that acts as a(More)
Accurate prediction of risk measures such as Value at Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall (ES) requires precise estimation of the tail of the predictive distribution. Two novel concepts are introduced that offer a specific focus on this part of the predictive density: the censored posterior, a posterior in which the likelihood is replaced by the censored(More)
Analytical equations quantifying self-absorption losses in circular luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are presented that can easily be solved numerically by commercial math software packages. With the quantum efficiency, the absorption and emission spectra of a luminescent material, the LSC dimensions, and the refractive index as the only input(More)
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