Koen M. G. M. van Der Drift

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Rhizobium wild-type strain GRH2 was originally isolated from the tree, Acacia cyanophylla, and has a broad host-range which includes herbaceous legumes, such as Phaseolus and Trifolium species. Here we show that strains of Rhizobium sp. GRH2, into which heterologous nodD alleles have been introduced, produce a large diversity of both sulphated and(More)
The nodulation protein NodF of Rhizobium shows 25% identity to acyl carrier protein (ACP) from Escherichia coli (encoded by the gene acpP). However, NodF cannot be functionally replaced by AcpP. We have investigated whether NodF is a substrate for various E. coli enzymes which are involved in the synthesis of fatty acids. NodF is a substrate for the(More)
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