Koen Hugelier

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We generated a comprehensive picture of protease substrates in anti-Fas–treated apoptotic human Jurkat T lymphocytes. We used combined fractional diagonal chromatography (COFRADIC) sorting of protein amino-terminal peptides coupled to oxygen-16 or oxygen-18 differential labeling. We identified protease substrates and located the exact cleavage sites within(More)
We present a phosphoproteomics approach using diagonal RP chromatography as the basic isolation principle. Phosphopeptides present in a tryptic digest of total cellular lysates were first enriched by Fe3+-immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography. Further sorting of the phosphopeptides took place in three steps. First, the resulting peptide mixture was(More)
Serial application of strong cation-exchange and diagonal reversed-phase chromatography selecting methionyl peptides by stepwise shifting them from their reduced to their sulfoxide and sulfone forms generates a four-stage fractionation system, allowing high coverage analysis of complex proteome digests by LC-MALDI-MS/MS. Application to the proteome of a(More)
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