Koen Dewettinck

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The aim of this study is to investigate downsizing approaches and their employment implications across several industries in Belgium. Therefore, a categorization scheme of different downsizing approaches was theoretically developed and validated with a sample of 19 downsizing cases in Belgium-based organizations across different industries. The(More)
This paper reviews theory and empirical findings on the effects of empowerment in the workplace. Data from existing studies is used to assess the effects of the four empowerment dimensions on affective and behavioral employee responses. Data is reanalyzed using hierarchical regression analysis. Confirming growing skepticism among practitioners and(More)
We demonstrate three potential edible applications of shellac oleogels as (i) a continuous oil phase for preparation of emulsifier-free, structured w/o emulsions (spreads), (ii) a replacer for oil-binders in chocolate paste formulations and (iii) a shortening alternative for cake preparation. Water-in-oil emulsions with up to 60 wt% water were prepared(More)
Bread contains a wide range of important nutritional components which provide a positive effect on human health. However, the consumption of bread is declining during the last decades. This is due to factors such as changing eating patterns and an increasing choice of substitutes like breakfast cereals and fast foods. The aim of this study is to investigate(More)
To address the growing global demand for cocoa, sustainable intensification of its production in West Africa is considered crucial. This paper analyzes the determinants of cocoa productivity and profitability by smallholder farmers in Ghana to provide insights into challenges for future cocoa farming, which will guide the formulation and prioritization of(More)
In lipid-based food products, fat crystals are used as building blocks for creating a crystalline network that can trap liquid oil into a 3D gel-like structure which in turn is responsible for the desirable mouth feel and texture properties of the food products. However, the recent ban on the use of trans-fat in the US, coupled with the increasing concerns(More)
Using a critical review and empirical reanalysis of the published data on the relationship between psychological empowerment and employee performance, our study reports tha t compelling evidence in support of direct, positive and significant effects of employee empowerment programs is lacking. In order to understand this weak relationship and to identify(More)
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