Koen Decroix

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In this paper, we describe the software architecture of a commercially run home assistance system that allows patients or elderly people to stay longer at home. Since such systems often have to handle sensitive medical information, the protection of the privacy is a major concern. Also, legislation often restricts access to health information to qualified(More)
Opaque communications between groups of data processors leave individuals out of touch with the circulation and use of their personal information. Empowering individuals in this regard requires supplying them — or auditors on their behalf — with clear data handling guarantees. We introduce an inference model providing individuals with global(More)
In this paper we propose a privacy-friendly eHealth system design providing pervasive care for the elderly or stay-at-home patients. The system integrates services of health status monitoring, organizing assistance and remote access to medical data. The proposed architecture is open and allows seamless integration of new services, service providers and(More)
This paper evaluates the multi-paradigm modelling methodology for designing controlled anonymous applications, like applications that use trap-door anonymity. The methodology is applied to a class of mobile applications with strong security and privacy requirements. From this study, we detect the constraints in the existing methodology in the context of(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for advanced person-alized care and health services. It consists of four tiers and presents a high level of openness, privacy and manageability compared to existing systems. Moreover, the architecture is driven by realistic underlying business opportunities and is validated through the design of multiple scenarios.
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