Koen Debackere

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A key function of blood vessels, to supply oxygen, is impaired in tumors because of abnormalities in their endothelial lining. PHD proteins serve as oxygen sensors and may regulate oxygen delivery. We therefore studied the role of endothelial PHD2 in vessel shaping by implanting tumors in PHD2(+/-) mice. Haplodeficiency of PHD2 did not affect tumor vessel(More)
Glutamine metabolism provides synergistic support for macrophage activation and elicitation of desirable immune responses; however, the underlying mechanisms regulated by glutamine metabolism to orchestrate macrophage activation remain unclear. Here we show that the production of α-ketoglutarate (αKG) via glutaminolysis is important for alternative (M2)(More)
There is no consensus on the construct project performance. This article examines how to suitably operationalise ‘project performance’ as it is viewed by practitioners. An alternative research approach, based on the repertory grid method, was used in combination with a survey to develop a three-polar framework of the construct project performance. The model(More)
The success of chemotherapy in cancer treatment is limited by scarce drug delivery to the tumor and severe side-toxicity. Prolyl hydroxylase domain protein 2 (PHD2) is an oxygen/redox-sensitive enzyme that induces cellular adaptations to stress conditions. Reduced activity of PHD2 in endothelial cells normalizes tumor vessels and enhances perfusion. Here,(More)
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