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Quick Check is a tool which aids the Haskell programmer in formulating and testing properties of programs. Properties are described as Haskell functions, and can be automatically tested on random input, but it is also possible to define custom test data generators. We present a number of case studies, in which the tool was successfully used, and also point(More)
Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are powerful computing devices that with the advent of CUDA/OpenCL are becomming useful for general purpose computations. Obsidian is an embedded domain specific language that generates CUDA kernels from functional descriptions. A symbolic array construction allows us to guarantee that intermediate arrays are fused away.(More)
The purpose of the workshop is to discuss experience with Haskell, and possible future developments of the language. The lively discussions at the 1997 Haskell Workshop in Amsterdam about the future of Haskell led to the deenition of Haskell'98, giving Haskell the stability that has so far been lacking. The road ahead to Haskell-2 has many opportunities for(More)