Kodjo Agbossou

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We present a high efficiency inverter (>90%) that can drive an acoustic cavitation reactor with a 2 kW power between 10 and 100 kHz. This reactor is composed of numerous piezoelectric transducers and is particularly used to accelerate various industrial chemical reactions and destroy a variety of organic contaminants in water. The class-D amplifier or(More)
In the algorithms found in the literature for finding the optimum point of operation MPPT ( maximum power point tracking), of photovoltaic (PV) modules, the initial reference value is fixed arbitrarily and without constraints. This reduces the performance of research into the optimal operation point of PV systems. In order to improve this performance, a(More)
This paper presents afuzzy logic controller for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in photovoltaic system. An easy and accurate method of modeling photovoltaic arrays is proposed. The model and fuzzy based control strategies are combined to form intelligent controllers that are more accurate and robust. The model based controller is designed such that the(More)
Electrolytic hydrogen offers a promising alternative for long-term energy storage of renewable energy (RE). A stand-alone RE system based on energy storage in the form of hydrogen has been developed at the Hydrogen Research Institute and successfully tested for automatic operation with an in-house designed control system and power conditioning devices. In(More)
The Hydrogen Research Institute developed a hybrid renewable energy power system that uses a wind turbine, a photovoltaic array and a fuel cell. In order to connect this system to the grid, an islanding protection device is being developed. This paper presents the passive (U/O Voltage, U/O Frequency) and active (Sandia frequency shift and Sandia voltage(More)
At present, islanding detection is one of the important research orientations in the area of distributed generation (DG). There exist currently in the literature several methods for islanding detection in the case of single distributed generator connected to a utility grid. These methods are classified as active, passive and methods installed on the(More)
We propose an adaptive optimal power splitting EMS for PEMFC/battery hybrid system. An online optimization problem based on the Pontryagins Minimum Principle was developed to minimize the hydrogen consumption. An extremum adaptive-seeking control layer was proposed to take into account the PEM-FC performances drift. The proposed optimal adaptive EMS is(More)
To be connected to the utility grid, renewable energy systems must provide high quality power, guarantee safe interaction with the grid, and be protected from abnormal operating conditions, including islanding. The paper presents islanding protection methods relevant to the Hydrogen Research Institute's photovoltaic/wind hybrid system, and the(More)