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The applicability of PDP (parallel distributed processing) models to knowledge processing is clarified. The authors evaluate the diagnostic capabilities of a prototype medical diagnostic expert system based on a multilayer network. After having been trained on only 300 patients, the prototype system shows diagnostic capabilities almost equivalent to those(More)
The number of followers is acknowledged as the presumably most basic popularity measure of Twitter users. However, because it is subjected to manipulations and therefore may be deceptive, some alternative methods for ranking Twitter users that take into account users' activities such as the tweet and retweet rate have been proposed. We show that there are(More)
In the Twitter blogosphere, the number of followers is probably the most basic and succinct quantity for measuring popularity of users. However, the number of followers can be manipulated in various ways; we can even buy follows. Therefore, alternative popularity measures for Twitter users on the basis of, for example, users' tweets and retweets, have been(More)
In this paper, we consider models for estimating categories of documents and extracting characteristic words of such categories. To this end, we focus on three models, i.e., naive Bayes and two types of neural networks formalized as statistical models. Here, suitable categories of documents are estimated based on posterior probabilities, and characteristic(More)
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