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The Term Mamluk and Slave Status during the Mamluk Sultanate El término mamluk y la condición de esclavo durante el sultanato mameluco
Scholars of the Mamluk Sultanate generally maintain that the status of all the mamlūk was that of an elite, and that the mamlūk were proud of their slave origin even after manumission. It is hereExpand
Usages of Kinship Terminology during the Mamluk Sultanate and the Notion of the ‘Mamlūk Family’
Inspired by the work of David Ayalon, most students of Mamluk politics and society have tended to focus on mamlūk ties such as the relationship between a master and his mamlūks, or the connectionsExpand
Ethnic Groups, Social Re- lationships and Dynasty in the Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517)
1 1. Introductory remarks 2 2. Ethnic groups and ethnic solidarity 3 2.1. Slave origin versus ethnic origin as a defining characteristic of the ruling elite 4 2.2. The Term Mamlūk and Slave StatusExpand