Ko-Ming Chiu

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The alternating step generator (ASG) was proposed by Gunther in 1988 and consists of three LFSRs. After several serious attacks to ASG were proposed in recent years, the security of ASG has been carefully reexamined. A new structure of LFSR/FCSR based ASG and a new combination function are proposed in this research. Here, the structures of LFSR/FCSR based(More)
Wireless sensor network (WSN) technology is widely used in environment monitoring, health care, surveillance systems and unmanned space or planet exploration. This paper focuses on routing problems with data gathering by a mobile robot in a WSN, also referred to as a Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods (TSPN) or NP-hard problem. In this paper, we(More)
In recent years, use of mobile robot acting as a data mule for collecting data in the wireless sensor network has become an important issue. This data collection problem of generating a path as short as possible for a data mule to gather all data from all of sensor nodes is known as a NP-hard problem named Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods(More)
The problem of planning a path for minimizing the distance the mobile robot has to traverse to accomplish the task of gathering the data stored in a spatially distributed wireless sensor network is a kind of Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods (TSPN). We proposed a one-hop data-gathering scheme using clustering-based genetic algorithm (CBGA) that(More)
Localization is an important process in deploying ad-hoc wireless sensor networks. Several localization algorithms have been developed. However, they do not achieve satisfactory performance on irregular networks. In this paper, we present a localization algorithm based on an idea of growing local maps. This paper presents an ongoing work on a localization(More)
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