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Academic research findings are disseminated globally through formal publications in journals and conferences. In this process, knowledge is regularly abstracted and consolidated according to well-established formats with the intention to maintain consistency across a diverse range of work. Today, not only do researchers accumulate more data than before,(More)
A photo archive contains diverse narratives that only get partially exposed in digital interfaces. In this paper we explore a potential framework for archivists and designers to create photo archive interfaces that are sensitive to the ethos and social context of its content. We outline our approach to engaging with archival projects and present the results(More)
  • Ko-Le Chen
  • Conference on Designing Interactive Systems
  • 2017
Drawing from STS, feminist STS and performance theories, my PhD interrogates the practice of research dissemination at an HCI workplace. By studying such practices at a micro level, I begin to construct a productive critique that addresses and questions the materiality of HCI knowledges.
Researchers working in domains such as Research through Design and Feminist HCI have been questioning "dissemination practices" and their impact on our capacity to produce reflexive accounts of research in publications. This paper examines academic dissemination practices within HCI research communities from an institutional to individual level. We unpack(More)
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