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This paper demonstrates the applicability of electron-spectroscopic imaging (ESI) for valence-state mapping of the iron oxide system. We have previously developed a set of signal-processing methods for an ESI series, to allow mapping of sp(2)/sp(3) ratio, dielectric function and energy bandgap. In this study, these methods are applied to generate a(More)
An electrostatic phase plate can provide better phase contrast, a fact that plays a promising role for the high-resolution observation of specimens containing light elements. However, in order to quantify the "phase" contrast from images recorded using the phase plate, the "absorption" (or scattering) contrast arising from electrons scattered elastically(More)
—We consider a multiuser (MU) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) time-division duplexing (TDD) system in which the base station (BS) is equipped with a large number of antennas for communicating with single-antenna mobile users. In such a system the BS has to estimate the channel state information (CSI) that includes large-scale fading coefficients(More)
—We present two reduced-rank channel estimators for large-scale multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems and analyze their mean square error (MSE) performance. Taking advantage of the channel's transform domain sparseness, the estimators yield outstanding performance and may offer additional mean angle-of-arrival (AoA) information. It is shown that,(More)
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