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Glutamate, the major excitatory neurotransmitter in brain, is almost exclusively intracellular due to the action of the glutamate transporters in the plasma membranes. To study the localization and(More)
The glutamate transporters GLT-1 and GLAST were studied by immunogold labeling on ultrathin sections of rat brain tissue embedded in acrylic resins at low temperature after freeze substitution. Both(More)
Antibodies to an excitatory amino acid transporter (EAAT4) label a glycoprotein of approximately 65 kDa strongly in the cerebellum and weakly in the forebrain. Cross-linking of cerebellar proteins(More)
We examined the effect of glutamate transporter blockade at the calyx of Held synapse. In immature synapses [defined as postnatal day 8 (P8) to P10 rats], transporter blockade causes tonic activation(More)