Knut Morawetz

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Surface relief gratings on azobenzene containing polymer films were prepared under irradiation by actinic light. Finite element modeling of the inscription process was carried out using linear viscoelastic analysis. It was assumed that under illumination the polymer film undergoes considerable plastification, which reduces its original Young's modulus by at(More)
Thin azobenzene polymer films show a very unusual property, namely optically induced material transport. The underlying physics for this phenomenon has not yet been thoroughly explained. Nevertheless, this effect enables one to inscribe different patterns onto film surfaces, including one- and two-dimensional periodic structures. Typical sizes of such(More)
Starting from a nonmarkovian conserving relaxation time approximation for collisions we derive coupled dispersion relations for asymmetric nuclear matter. The isovector and isoscalar modes are coupled due to asymmetric nuclear meanfield acting on neutrons and protons differently. A further coupling is observed by collisional correlations. The latter one(More)
  • Knut Morawetz
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2012
The phenomenon of liquid bridge formation due to an applied electric field is investigated. A solution of a charged catenary is presented, which allows one to determine the static and dynamical stability conditions where charged liquid bridges are possible. The creeping height, the bridge radius and length, as well as the shape of the bridge are calculated(More)
In heavy-ion collisions, the stage of compression and heating is followed by the expansion of nuclear matter. Expansion dynamics as a collective motion of excited matter is characterized by certain space-momentum correlations and has been well ascertained by experimental data such as the collective flow. In particular, in central heavy-ion collisions with(More)
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