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THE RECOGNITION THAT KNOWLedge is one of an enterprise's most important assets, decisively influencing its competitiveness , has fueled interest in comprehensive approaches to the basic activities of knowledge management: the identification, acquisition, development, dissemination, use, and preservation of the enterprise's knowledge. Traditionally,(More)
An Organizational Memory is an enterprise-internal application-independent information and assistant system. It integrates various techniques and tools to support knowledge management. Motivated by the growing need for enterprise-wide knowledge management we performed several studies and identified the functional requirements for an Organizational Memory.(More)
The ATHENE modelling tool enables business people to create knowledge-intense process models without having to know the complexity of modelling ontologies. ATHENE is based on a three-level hierarchy of meta-meta, meta and object level. It allows business people to model business processes graphically meanwhile these processes are transformed internally into(More)
In this paper we describe a multi-dimensional framework for knowledge maturing and learning. The framework consists of seven dimensions and supports the assessment of the knowledge management as-is-state in a company as well as the selection of appropriate approaches and methods for a further improvement. The paper also discusses the relationship to(More)
In this paper we show how to utilize enterprise architectures to model relations between information sources of an enterprise. With our approach the enterprise architecture models are not passive entities anymore but can be operationalized to identify dependencies between the various models and to integrate information sources. It thus is the basis for(More)