Knut Elgsaas

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A “Council for Government Electronic Data Processing” was established in 1961. This was the start of development of a common policy for computers and data within the public administration. In 1969-70, computers got on the agenda of political parties and the trade unions. In the course of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties the government, the(More)
The Univac 1107 computer installation at The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) from the summer of 1963 was an important asset for Scandinavian research and industry that also set the ground for object-oriented programming. The key to many of the successful computer systems and applications created during the years that followed, was that NR at a very early(More)
Professor Kristen Nygaard (1926-2002) was a multi-talented scientist whose achievements were amply honoured in his later years. For general readers of Computer Science history Nygaard will be recognized as the creator with Professor Ole-Johan Dahl of the SIMULA programming languages and object-oriented programming. But Nygaard also had a social and(More)
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