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The convergence of European states can be expected to lead to an increase in the trading of goods within the next few years and thus a growing demand for transport. Tra c planning for the stabilisation and development of Germany, Europe's main tra c hub, must be carried out with foresight, taking future requirements into account from both an economical and(More)
In this paper, an approach using simulation and optimization to maximize the throughput of an order-picking area is presented. The retrieval of pallets from a high-bay warehouse to the picking stations is formulated as an assignment problem and solved. To consider the dynamic e ects of the materials handling system (con icts, blocking), the optimal static(More)
In the desgin-process of a facility layout, the focus has been mainly on the placement of the machine resources. The material-ow, and therefore the desgin of the aisles has not appropriately been taken into account. We developed a hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) to generate the aisles in a facility layout at minimal xed and variable cost. The application of(More)
Intermodal transport combines the media train, truck and ship for freight-transport. The main goal of the new terminal-concepts is to ensure maximal customer-satisfaction and maximal e ciency. One of the most challenging optimization-problems of such a multistage transshipment process is nding an optimal sequence for the train-to-train-transshipment.(More)
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