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The following note reports on a speed-up that is due to a modification in the central part of FORMAC. Since this part is always and heavily used, the overall speed of the system has been increased, typically by a factor of 2, sometimes more, depending on the particular problem. Sigsam problem #2 is used as an example. This report does not make reference to(More)
The demand for confidential conferences is increasing, for example on Internet and Intranets. This paper deals with aspects of handling confidential multimedia conferences and in particular pursues a method of utilizing E-mail for this purpose. The approach presented here exploits the inherent possibilities of the MIME standard, which lends itself to define(More)
Cooperative Rooms (COR) is an interdisciplinary research and development program of GMD in collaboration with partners. Its objective is to design, develop and investigate future workspaces by bringing together information and communication technology, architecture, design and management of buildings, and new flexible forms of individual and joint work.(More)
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