Knud Böhle

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This assessment of the future of Internet payments concentrates on the potential of serverbased Internet payment systems. The central server-based approach is seen as a relevant future trend and "paradigm shift" in the development of Internet Payment systems, and the analysis therefore goes beyond the mere observation of a "second generation" of Internet(More)
The focus of this paper is on the integration of payment systems into B2C Internetcommerce. Our understanding of the payment integration problem starts from the observation that not all payment instruments are online yet. If they are online they are often not integrated into the online-shopping process from the consumer's point of view and they don't easily(More)
The first Background paper of the Electronic Payment Systems Observatory (ePSO) identifies the strategic and technical issues that will be discussed in the ePSO Forum – an online discussion group consisting of payment systems experts and a broad range of market players. The discussion will concentrate on electronic retail payment systems focussing on the(More)
This editorial presumes that DRM patents are a public policy issue which at the end of the value chain has an impact on the consumer experience with protected digital content. After a brief general characterization of the "social invention" called patents, DRM patents are addressed and open questions are raised which deserve further analysis. Surprisingly(More)
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