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Birds have high metabolic rates, body temperatures, and plasma glucose concentrations yet physiologically age at a rate slower than comparably sized mammals. These studies were designed to test the hypothesis that the antioxidant uric acid protects birds against oxidative stress. Mixed sex broiler chicks (3 wk old) were fed diets supplemented or not with(More)
The interaction of myeloperoxidase (MPO) with H2O2 and Cl− provides a potent antimicrobial/cytotoxic system for polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs). MPO-related cytotoxicity may be associated with the formation of toxic oxidant MPO intermediates, HOCl, or both. MPO itself is able to oxidize drugs and cellular components. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory(More)
A new screening system for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that involves use of human phagocytic cells has been developed in which chemiluminescence measurement is used. Luminol-dependent chemiluminescence is measured after the addition of opsonized (coated with antibodies and complement) zymosan particles to human granulocytic leukocytes in the(More)
Cryosections of human red blood cells infected by Plasmodium falciparum were analyzed by energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis to determine the elemental composition of the parasites and their red cell hosts separately. The effects of two antimalarial drugs, qinghaosu and chloroquine, on potassium, sodium, and phosphorus concentrations were studied.(More)
Urate oxidase is not present in birds yet allantoin, a product of this enzyme, has been measured in birds. Studies were designed to compare the concentrations of plasma purine derivatives in chickens and turkeys fed inosine-supplemented diets. The first study consisted of 12 male chicks that were fed diets supplemented with 0.6 mol inosine or hypoxanthine(More)
A system is described to evaluate for nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs by means of luminol-dependent human-granulocyte chemiluminescence (CL) is described. The CL is produced using either opsonized zymosan (yeast cells) or the soluble chemotactic peptide f-Met-Leu-Phe as the perturbant of the granulocyte membrane. Using either system, the following drug(More)
Uric acid has been hypothesized as being one of the more important antioxidants in limiting the accumulation of glycosylated endproducts in birds. Study 1 was designed to quantitatively manipulate the plasma concentrations of uric acid using hemin and allopurinol while study 2 determined their effects on skin pentosidine, the shear force value of Pectoralis(More)
Previously our group developed a water-soluble antioxidant screening system using the luminescence of the reaction of peroxynitrite and luminol. In the present study we replaced luminol with the luminol-like compound L-012. This increases the production of luminescence approximately 100-fold and therefore, with a higher signal:noise ratio, this new system(More)
Macrophages are a critical part of the innate immune response and natural surveillance mechanisms. As such, proper macrophage function is crucial for engulfing bacterial pathogens through phagocytosis and destroying them by generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). The production of a number of cytokines by(More)