Km Monirul Islam

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A molecularly cloned, tissue culture-adapted infectious bursal disease virus (BD-3tc) was generated from a very virulent strain by the reverse genetics approach following site-directed mutagenesis (Q253H and A284T in VP2). The pathogenicity of BD-3tc was tested in commercial chickens. The wild-type strain (BD-3wt) and the molecularly cloned parental strain(More)
In toxigenic Vibrio cholerae, the CTX genetic element which carries the genes for cholera toxin (CT) is the genome of a lysogenic bacteriophage (CTXPhi). Clinical and environmental strains of V. cholerae O1 or O139 and stools that were culture positive for cholera were analyzed to study the induction and transmission of CTXPhi. To our knowledge, this is the(More)
Of 469 recently isolated Shigella flexneri strains, 452 agglutinated with Shigella flexneri-specific monoclonal antibodies. Of these, 396 could be assigned to 10 of the currently recognized 15 serotypes, with S. flexneri 2b dominating (23.2%). Of the 56 untypeable strains which showed invasive properties, 17 were serologically atypical and the remaining 39(More)
A monoclonal antibody-based coagglutination test directly detected Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal in 83 of 120 watery diarrheal stool specimens; on culture, 90 samples were positive. Thus, with 92% sensitivity, 100% specificity, and 100% positive and 95% negative predictive values, the coagglutination test is a useful rapid test for V. cholerae O139.
OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of missed visits on CD4 cell count with HIV disease in a Midwest clinic. METHODS This was a mixed method study consisting of a quantitative retrospective cohort study of missed clinic visits among HIV-infected patients, and a qualitative study to collect information on factors impacting appointment attendance. A drop in(More)
To study the pathogenic mechanisms of Campylobacter jejuni infection, 36- to 72-h-old chickens were fed 10(3) to 10(6) live cells, using strains isolated from 40 patients with watery diarrhea and 6 with bloody mucoid diarrhea from whom no other known enteropathogen was detected. Chickens of Starbro strain were more likely to develop C. jejuni-induced(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the risk factors and clinical course of hungry bone syndrome are lacking in dialysis and renal transplant patients who undergo parathyroidectomy. In this study, we aimed to assess the risks and clinical course of hungry bone syndrome and calcium repletion after parathyroidectomy in dialysis and renal transplant patients. METHODS We(More)
Cyclones continue to pose a dangerous threat to the coastal populations of Bangladesh, despite improvements in disaster control procedures. After 138,000 persons died in the April 1991 cyclone, we carried out a rapid epidemiological assessment to determine factors associated with cyclone-related mortality and to identify prevention strategies. A nonrandom(More)
BACKGROUND As the population of the United States ages, there will be increasing numbers of lung cancer patients with comorbidities at diagnosis. Comorbid conditions are important factors in both the choice of the lung cancer treatment and outcomes. However, the impact of individual comorbid conditions on patient survival remains unclear. METHODS A(More)
INTRODUCTION Egypt has the highest reported prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) globally. Until now, no systematic review has been conducted to understand risk factors associated with these high prevalence rates of HCV. This study attempted to identify the various HCV risk factors in Egypt responsible for the high incidence and prevalence rates. METHODS(More)