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Towards fairer datasets: filtering and balancing the distribution of the people subtree in the ImageNet hierarchy
In this paper, we examine ImageNet, a large-scale ontology of images that has spurred the development of many modern computer vision methods. Expand
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Towards Fairness in Visual Recognition: Effective Strategies for Bias Mitigation
We design a simple but surprisingly effective visual recognition benchmark for studying bias mitigation, propose a domain-independent training technique that outperforms all other methods. Expand
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Quantifying Geometric Entanglement : the Linking Number of Two Open Curves
Figure 2: Wire bent into different shapes. Credits: Hinterdobler. Consider bending a piece of wire into a certain shape. For example, we can bend it to make a paper clip, a spiral, a helix, or we canExpand
Proof. To verify F pS,Gq forms a group with this operation, we must check the existence of an identity element, the existence of inverses, and associativity. The identity element for F pS,Gq will beExpand
Proposition 3. Q is not open nor is RzQ. Proof. The rationals and irrationals are dense in R. Hence, for any x P Q, Bδpxq must contain an element in RzQ for all δ ą 0, and therefore Q is not open.Expand