Klervi Le Lann

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The phenology of the introduced Sargassum muticum and two native species Bifurcaria bifurcata and Cystoseira baccata were monitored during eighteen months at two sites in Brittany. Density and length varied seasonally only in Sargassum. Larger individuals of Sargassum were observed in summer whereas in Cystoseira, they appeared almost in autumn. Peaks in(More)
In temperate saltmarshes, halophytic plants have to daily protect their internal tissues against sunlight and UV rays. Consequently, they develop adaptive responses such as the synthesis of secondary metabolites, including polyphenols. The present study focused on the biological activities of fractions enriched in polyphenols from Salicornia ramosissima.(More)
A novel chemotaxonomical method based on 1D (1)H HRMAS NMR spectroscopy is being tested for taxonomical purposes. This powerful technique allowed us to discriminate between specimens belonging to two sister species of Turbinaria, which are difficult to tell apart using only morphological characters. Based on spectra analysis, the results allowed us to(More)
Several species of the genus Turbinaria coexist along the coasts of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Among these brown algae, Turbinaria ornata and T. conoides are sister species that are difficult to differentiate using exclusively morphological characters. Based on in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance and chromatographic techniques, i.e., liquid(More)
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