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Requirements on document engines include low query response time and freshness of index data. Our solution to the problem is based on a DB cluster consisting of PCs, each of them running an oo-the-shelf DBMS. The specialty of our approach is to allow concurrent execution of insertion and retrieval on the same data. Our technique is based on decomposing and(More)
Declarative access mechanisms for structured document collections and for semi-structured data are b ecoming increasingly important. In this article, using a rule-based approach for query optimization and applying it to such queries, we deploy knowledge on the Document Type Deenition (DTD) to formulate transformation rules for query-algebra terms.(More)
Much of the work that has been done to the present in exploring age differences in the assessment of depression has utilized normally aging populations. This research has indicated that present depression scales may yield many false positives for depression because of the large number of somatic items that these scales contain. An important question is(More)
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