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Here we demonstrate that physiological concentrations of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 enhance the KERATIN 15 promoter activity and expression in epithelial stem cells of adult human scalp hair follicles in situ and in vitro. Additionally, T3 and T4 stimulate expression of the immuno-inhibitory surface molecule CD200. Subsequently, T3 and T4 induce(More)
Heart and vascular endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells are of interest for applications in cell therapy and cardiovascular disease. Differentiation protocols are now sufficiently refined that production of cardiomyocytes, endothelial-and smooth muscle cells is fairly efficient and reproducible. Genetically marked hESCs have been produced in(More)
Declarative access mechanisms for structured document collections and for semi-structured data are b ecoming increasingly important. In this article, using a rule-based approach for query optimization and applying it to such queries, we deploy knowledge on the Document Type Deenition (DTD) to formulate transformation rules for query-algebra terms.(More)
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