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We calculate the membrane-mediated interaction between two cylindrical inclusions in a symmetric lipid bilayer. Our theory takes two contributions to the free energy into account, the elastic behavior of the membrane and the conformational restrictions that the flexible hydrocarbon chains of the lipids experience in the vicinity of a rigid inclusion. The(More)
A membrane inclusion can be defined as a complex of protein or peptide and the surrounding significantly distorted lipids. We suggest a theoretical model that allows for the estimation of the influence of membrane inclusions on the curvature elastic properties of lipid membranes. Our treatment includes anisotropic inclusions whose energetics depends on(More)
The expression for the isotropic membrane bending energy was generalized for the case of a multicomponent membrane where the membrane constituents (single molecules or small complexes of molecules-membrane inclusions) were assumed to be anisotropic. Using this generalized expression for the membrane energy it was shown that the change of intrinsic shape of(More)
A theoretical model of a two-component bilayer membrane was used in order to describe the influence of anisotropic membrane inclusions on shapes of membrane daughter micro and nano vesicles. It was shown that for weakly anisotropic inclusions the stable vesicle shapes are only slightly out-of-round. In contrast, for strongly anisotropic inclusions the(More)
PURPOSE Reliable assessment of balance abilities and determination of the likelihood of falling in the elderly requires a skilled clinician to guide and assist the individual throughout the scoring of a suitable balance assessment method. The most widely used clinical instrument is the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). The aim of this study was to develop an(More)
Bacterial adhesion can be controlled by different material surface properties, such as surface charge, on which we concentrate in our study. We use a silica surface on which poly(allylamine hydrochloride)/sodium poly(4-styrenesulfonate) (PAH/PSS) polyelectrolyte multilayers were formed. The corresponding surface roughness and hydrophobicity were determined(More)
Many separation processes are related to the behavior of ions close to charged surfaces. In this work, we examine uranyl ions, which can be considered as rod-like molecular ions with a spatially distributed charge, embedded in a system of like charged surfaces. The analysis of the system is based on an approximate field theory which is accurate from the(More)
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