Klaus von Gadow

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Information about competition responses is mainly available for monospecific stands or mixed stands with a small number of species. Studies on complex multi-species and highly structured forest ecosystems are scarce. Accordingly, the objective of this study was to quantify competition effects and analyse competition responses in a species-diverse(More)
This contribution identifies spatial characteristics of tree diameter in a temperate forest in north-eastern China, based on a fully censused observational study area covering 500×600 m. Mark correlation analysis with three null hypothesis models was used to determine departure from expectations at different neighborhood distances. Tree positions are(More)
The objective of this study is to analyse the density-dependent dynamics of growth and mortality in an unthinned Eucalyptus grandis spacing experiment on a homogenous site in Zululand/South Africa. Specifically we propose models that describe how the (log) basal area develops in unthinned stands. Our data clearly indicate that mortality varies enormously(More)
Negative density dependence may cause reduced clustering among individuals of the same species, and evidence is accumulating that conspecific density-dependent self-thinning is an important mechanism regulating the spatial structure of plant populations. This study evaluates that specific density dependence in three very large observational studies(More)
Negative density dependence (NDD) and niche partitioning have been perceived as important mechanisms for the maintenance of species diversity. However, little is known about their relative contributions to seedling survival. We examined the effects of biotic and abiotic neighborhoods and the variations of biotic neighborhoods among species using survival(More)
With mounting global environmental, social and economic pressures the resilience and stability of forests and thus the provisioning of vital ecosystem services is increasingly threatened. Intensified monitoring can help to detect ecological threats and changes earlier, but monitoring resources are limited. Participatory forest monitoring with the help of(More)
A better understanding of root/shoot interactions influencing seedling growth on abandoned land could yield insight into seedling regeneration and restoration of the abandoned lands. Field work had been conducted for 2 years (2008–2009) to investigate the impacts of neighbouring plants on Manchurian Ash (Fraxinus mandshurica) seedling growth under the(More)
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