Klaus Wahl

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Two reaction-time experiments using the psychological refractory period paradigm examined whether two prominent tasks, i.e., mental rotation and memory scanning, require access to a single-channel mechanism and must therefore be performed sequentially with other operations requiring the same mechanism. On each trial, subjects made speeded responses to a(More)
In order to further understand the mechanisms involved in planning an aggressive act, we conducted an event-related potential (ERP) study of young men with and without a history of violence. Participants completed a competitive reaction time task (based on the Taylor aggression paradigm) against a virtual opponent. In "passive" blocks, participants were(More)
A single case study is presented from a feasibility study on social, psychic and neurobiological causes of violence in adolescence focusing on right-wing extremist and xenophobic youth. Results from psychological assessments and a structured biografical reconstruction are analyzed. The case illustrates a typical developmental path of a right-wing,(More)
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