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Immune mechanisms and the renin-angiotensin system are implicated in preeclampsia. We investigated 25 preeclamptic patients and compared them with 12 normotensive pregnant women and 10 pregnant patients with essential hypertension. Antibodies were detected by the chronotropic responses to AT1 receptor-mediated stimulation of cultured neonatal rat(More)
Diet and physical activity before and during pregnancy affect short- and long-term health of mother and child. The energy needs at the end of pregnancy increase only by about 10% compared to nonpregnant women. An excessive energy intake is undesirable since maternal overweight and excessive weight gain can increase the risks for a high birth weight and(More)
PURPOSE Are there differences regarding important perinatal outcome-parameters in Berlin relating to ethnicity? PATIENTS AND METHODS A database was available covering 152,193 single deliveries in all hospitals in Berlin/Germany in the period 1993-1999, including 132,555 German women and 19,638 women of other ethnicities. Comparisons were made between a(More)
AIMS To evaluate the potential contribution of maternal glucose and lipids to fetal metabolic variables and growth in pregnancies with normal glucose tolerance in comparison with pregnancies with well-controlled gestational diabetes previously reported by us. METHODS In 190 pregnancies with normal oral glucose tolerance tests (controls), insulin, glucose(More)
BACKGROUND Oedema and vascular leakage play a part in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia. We tested the hypothesis that serum from pre-eclamptic patients increases endothelial-cell permeability and examined possible signal-transduction pathways. METHODS We studied eight patients with pre-eclampsia, eight normotensive pregnant women, eight non-pregnant(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the growth of children from pregnancies with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and its association with antenatal maternal, fetal, and recent anthropometric parameters of mother and father. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In 324 pregnancies of Caucasian women with GDM, BMI before pregnancy, maternal glycemic values, and measurements(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the contribution of maternal glucose and lipids to intrauterine metabolic environment and fetal growth in pregnancies with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In 150 pregnancies, serum triglycerides (TGs), cholesterol, free fatty acids (FFAs), glycerol, insulin, and glucose were determined in maternal(More)
OBJECTIVE Up to 30% of women with recent gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) remain glucose intolerant after delivery. However, the rate of postpartum oral glucose tolerance tests (ppOGTTs) is low. Our aim in this study was to develop a model for risk assessment to target women with high risk for postpartum diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In 605(More)
In previous studies, we have shown that smooth muscle cells and myofibroblast subpopulations of the perivascular stem villous sheath of the human placenta contain focal adhesion plaques and talin immunoreactivity. The close association of these cells to elastic and collagen fibres have led to the assumption of a functional myofibroelastic unit within the(More)
In recent studies we described the presence of elastic-type blood vessels within trunci and rami chorii of human placental stem villi. For systemic and pulmonary hypertension it is known that elastic fibres are enhanced in arteries. The aim of our study was, therefore, to examine whether pre-eclampsia may lead to an increase of elastic tissue fibres in(More)