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  • K. Vedder
  • 1992
Smart cards are a variant of chip cards, which is the generic name for any plastic card, usually the size of a credit card, containing a chip. Depending on the properties and features of this chip and its carrier, the author distinguishes between several types of cards, which are discussed. A comprehensive introduction to the various features of chip cards(More)
  • R. R. Strathmann, E. S. Branscomb, K. Vedder
  • 1981
Cyprid larvae of Balanus cariosus settle preferentially on slate plates with a biota characteristic of the lower intertidal shore, and the cyprids also prefer plates with more algae. Cyprid larvae of Balanus glandula had the same preferences in two out of three experiments. We conclude that some component of the flora guides both species during settling and(More)
Smart cards play an increasing role as 'active' security devices. Due to its microcomputer and programmable memory, a smart card can cater for the specific needs of the environment it is used in. Smart cards allow the secure handling and storage of sensitive data such as user privileges and cryptographic keys as well as the execution of cryptographic(More)
This study investigated whether HIV-positive men who seek confidential versus anonymous HIV counseling and testing differ in demographic variables, risk behaviors, return rates for posttest appointments, and agreement to partner notification. chi 2 tests were not statistically significant for return rates for post-test appointments or partner notification(More)