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The transcutaneous oxygen tension was monitored continuously by a heated cutaneous polarographic electrode in 7 adult intensive care patients, 12 patients without circulatory insufficiency, and 5 healthy volunteers, Arterial pO2 values were varied from hypoxaemia to normoxaemia and hyperoxaemia by variations of the inspired oxygen concentration. In normal(More)
BACKGROUND AirSeal is a novel class of valve-free insufflation system that enables a stable pneumoperitoneum with continuous smoke evacuation and carbon dioxide (CO₂) recirculation during laparoscopic surgery. Comparison data to standard CO₂ pressure pneumoperitoneum insufflators is scarce. The aim of this study is to evaluate the potential advantages of(More)
Atropine and an eightfold greater amount of pirenzepine inhibit pentagastrin-stimulated secretion to nearly the same extent (70-75%). Neither drug influences acid concentrations markedly (18%). Atropine and pirenzepine decrease the potassium concentration of gastric juice. By increasing electrical vagal stimulation the inhibitory effect of cimetidine(More)
Between January 1975 and December 1984, 239 patients after breast conserving surgery were referred to the University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology of Vienna. Of these patients 214 were available for analysis with regard to loco-regional control and cosmetic outcome. The breast received supervoltage irradiation from two tangential fields, in 82%(More)
BACKGROUND Stenotic processes of the tracheobronchial system may lead to dyspnoea that can become lift-threatening. To restore sufficient function of the blocked airway, a silicone stent can be inserted. The anaesthesia techniques used for this intervention so far have been complicated. The object of this study was to determine whether the super-imposed(More)
In intensive care medicine the tcPO2 measurement can be used efficiently if the problems discussed are taken into consideration. The advantages of the method follow. 1) The trend of the arterial PO2 can be monitored continuously. 2) A large fall in tcPO2 can be a sign of arterial PO2 decrease or of circulatory insufficiency.
?ulmo~~1 ~ap1ration of gastric aetter is a serious complicn~ion that occur during anaesthetic induction in pa tients subl2li tted 'to entergency surger,.. with lIf'ull stomach": The severity of it depends 00 the yollJnle and pH of t.he vaa-, pirated ~luid. The mortalit1 rate is ~. N~erous techniques haY~ been described dealing to avoid this. comp j t ca t(More)