Klaus Schunk

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Three 6-week-old male purebred yellow Labrador Retrievers were presented with intermittent stimulus-sensitive contractions of the appendicular and axial muscles. Five littermates were normal, although the grandsire of the affected litter had sired 2 previous litters containing similarly affected pup. Although alert and responsive, the affected dogs appeared(More)
Beta-galactosidase-deficient siblings in two litters of English springer spaniel puppies showed a progressive neurological impairment, dwarfism, orbital hypertelorism, and dysostosis multiplex. An excess of GM1-ganglioside was found in the brain. Three abnormal oligosaccharides were present in samples of urine, brain, liver, and cartilage. Light microscopy(More)
BACKGROUND A study was conducted as to whether the early diagnosis of coronary heart disease (CHD) in symptomatic patients with advanced atherosclerosis of the carotid artery was more successful using ultrasound technology than exercise electrocardiography (ECG). METHODS Within the scope of an occupational screening program using subjects from diverse(More)
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