Klaus Schulze

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The question of dose-effect relations of berylliosis was examined by measuring the Be-concentration in blood and urine, as well as the immunological behaviour of T-lymphocytes for a group of occupationally exposed men (< 8 ng Be/m3,4–6 h daily) and a non-exposed control group. Normal values 1.0 ± 0.4 ng Be/g(n = 10) in blood and 0.9 ± 0.5 ng Be/g(n = 10)in(More)
A novel radiochemical method is presented to synthesize 5-[123I/125I/131I]-dl-nicotine by radioiodination of 5-bromonicotine. Radioiodination of the precursur 5-dl-bromonicotine was achieved using a copper (I)-assisted nucleophilic exchange reaction in the presence of reducing agent. The reaction conditions were optimized by varying pH, concentration of(More)
Voluntary self-administration of cocaine and/or morphine was studied in rats. Male rats were offered water bottles or bottles containing either cocaine or morphine, both cocaine and morphine (combination) or cocaine and morphine as a mixture. Alternating the three drug-containing bottles had no effect on drug choice. When offered alone, rats consumed about(More)
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