Klaus Schmidtke

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We performed a retrospective analysis of 79 patients with cerebral sinus venous thrombosis, who were treated with a fixed regimen of dose-adjusted intravenous heparin, to determine predictors of a fatal course. The parameters investigated were the state of consciousness and the presence of intracranial haemorrhage (ICH) at the start of heparin treatment,(More)
This group study of 24 amnesic patients and 40 control subjects examined the hypothesis that retrograde memory deficits result from a combination of two impairment mechanisms: (1) a deficit in the retrieval of contents that is related to dysfunctioning of the hippocampal anterograde memory system, and (2) a deficit in the storage and/or retrieval of(More)
Previous studies on the role of prefronto-striatal loop systems for cognitive procedural learning (PL) brought inconsistent results. To examine whether the integrity of the dorsolateral prefrontal loop is indispensable for normal cognitive PL, we examined the acquisition of cognitive skills in 35 patients with focal prefrontal lesions, focal caudate(More)
This study examined the putative association of transient global amnesia (TGA) and migraine. 57 TGA patients were compared to a double-size control group of normal subjects. TGA patients who also had migraine were additionally compared to those without migraine and to a second control group of outpatients with migraine only. The prevalence of migraine, and(More)
PURPOSE To validate and extend the US case definition for the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS) from 1999 by a systematic literature-review. DATA SOURCE MEDLINE-research from 1997 to August 2003, research in the Cochrane-Library in August 2003, earlier reviews since 1997. STUDY SELECTION Headings and abstracts were screened by one reviewer.(More)
Localizing cell surface receptors to specific subcellular sites can be crucial for proper functioning. PDZ proteins apparently play central roles in such protein localizations. 5-HT(2C) receptors have previously been shown to interact with MUPP1, a multi PDZ domain protein, in heterologous systems and in rat choroid plexus. We now report the generation and(More)
This study examined the neuropsychological profile of probable Alzheimer's disease (AD, n=72), vascular dementia due to diffuse subcortical small vessel disease (SVD, n=18) and mixed dementia (AD+SVD, n=18). Five simple tests were analysed, i.e. verbal recall and recognition memory, object naming, word fluency and clock reading. Pairwise discriminant(More)
OBJECTIVES Nonorganic, functional memory disorder (FMD) is frequent in memory clinic patients, and is an important differential diagnosis to prodromal dementia. The authors propose a definition of FMD as an acquired medical and psychological condition that is closely related to psychosocial burden and distress. DESIGN Prospective follow-up study, aimed to(More)
Sixty-three patients with tick-borne encephalitis were studied for sequelae up to 5 years after the acute illness (median: 12 months, range: 1-44 months). Patients were examined clinically, by neuropsychological testing and by electroencephalography. The clinical presentation during the acute stage was as follows: Meningitis (M,n = 12), Meningoencephalitis(More)