Klaus Schäfers

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WS-BPEL is the standard for modelling executable business processes. Recently, verification of BPEL processes has been an important topic in the research community. While most of the existing approaches for BPEL process verification merely consider control-flow based analysis, some actually consider data-flows, but only in a very restrictive manner. In this(More)
Motion estimation on ultrasound data is often referred to as ‘Speckle Tracking’ in clinical environments and plays an important role in diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases and the identification of abnormal cardiac motion. The impact of physical effects in the process of data acquisition raises many problems for conventional image processing(More)
BACKGROUND FDG-PET detects hypometabolism in premanifest and symptomatic Huntington's disease (HD). A cross-sectional study suggested that whole-brain FDG-PET is capable to detect a phenotype in transgenic (tg) HD rats. Recently, a longitudinal follow-up study showed no FDG-PET changes in tgHD rats. Both studies applied small sample sizes and analysis was(More)
MR imaging suffers from geometric distortion caused by gradient nonlinearities at the edges of the gradients in large Field-of-Views (FOV). Therefore, the fusion of PET and MR data can be deficient. This can be an important aspect in whole-body imaging as well as for volumetric measurements. In this work a marker-based method is presented to increase the(More)
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