Klaus Rink

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The aim of the study was to assess prevalence and treatment modalities of insomnia in general practice. To investigate the course of insomnia, a longitudinal study design was adopted. Two thousand five hundred and twelve patients (age 18-65 years) were investigated with a questionnaire in general practice (T1). Four months later (T2) and again 2 years later(More)
This study aimed to assess the prevalence and treatment modalities of elderly practice attenders. A total of 330 patients aged over 65 years were investigated with a questionnaire in general practice. To assess insomnia, operationalized diagnostic criteria according to DSM-III-R were applied. Twenty-three percent of the elderly patients suffered from(More)
— Laser induced convection flows is a new and promising method to achieve better manipulation of mesoscale objects (above 1 µm and below 500 µm) in a liquid medium. The temperature gradient created by laser absorption generates natural and thermocapillary (or Marangoni) convection flows. These flows are used to perform the manipulation itself. In this(More)
Lentiviral transduction of oocytes or early embryos is an efficient strategy to generate transgenic rodents and livestock. We evaluated laser-based microdrilling (MD) of the zona pellucida, which is a physical barrier for viral infection, and subsequent incubation in virus suspension as a new route for lentiviral transgenesis in bovine. Lentiviral vectors(More)
Figure 1: Left: an uncut and a cut solid model made with our generic approach. Right: A model made with our ad-hoc approach. Abstract We present and compare two different approaches for performing rapid 3D geological modeling. The ad-hoc approach is based on a composition of many specialized modeling functions, while the generic approach provides one(More)
  • Short Papers, O Kolditz, K Rink, G Scheuermann, A Kölzsch, A Slingsby +3 others
  • 2013
design for representing bird migration tracks in time and space. Paper presented at the Workshop Online is checked for eligibility for copyright before being made available in the live archive. URLs from City Research Online may be freely distributed and linked to from other web pages. Enquiries If you have any enquiries about any aspect of City Research(More)
Social media platforms provide a useful source of data for environmental planning. In the last years these data have been exploited to perform social behaviour analysis. This work uses the huge amount of georeferenced images publicly available on social media as a source of information to infer the behaviour of tourists. Visual analytic mapping tools(More)
The Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) is an integrated assessment tool for exploring consequences and responses to global change. However, the current iteration of GCAM relies on NetCDF file outputs which need to be output from the model and then exported for visualization and analysis purposes. Such a requirement limits the uptake of this modeling(More)
We present an environmental data visualization framework that features synchronous and asynchronous multiuser interaction with all the benefits of modern web-based applications, such as easy accessibility and cross-platform compatibility. In contrast to outdated web-based network protocols, the proposed framework uses HTML5 Web-Sockets to enable full-duplex(More)
Assessing the needs for adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change and variability in Niger River Basin is a key for future development in Western Africa. There are two major challenges in terms of the assessment: the first is that future projections in water availability based on the historical trends are hard to assess under uncertainty, and(More)