Klaus Renziehausen

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As one of the forms of extrapulmonary tuberculoses the genital tuberculosis of the woman is--despite regressing numbers of morbidity and mortality--a disease still existing, which is to be found at every age. The own results of examinations and experiences which could be obtained from 140 female patients with bacteriologically and histologically ascertained(More)
Absorption line-shapes of molecular aggregates are often calculated using a simple form for a vibronic Hamiltonian. Parameters which enter into the model are usually taken from measured spectra. Here, we address the question in how far different sets of input parameters used to calculate the spectra lead to similar spectral features. Therefore, we first(More)
The interesting nexus of problems related to the behaviour of the T-cell effected immunity situation of patients treated by means of cryosurgery and operations, was commenced by examinations of 118 women in regard of the transformability of lymphocytes. By the help of swab-preparations and especially of the PHA-stimulated lymphocyte transformation test,(More)
The recommendations for therapy of the facultative and obligate precancerous diseases of the vulva contain a lot of measurements extending from a local conservative treatment to the vulvectomy designated by a very different share of recurrences. With regard to the sure analgetic and controllable cell destroying effects of the coldness we cryosurgically(More)
In the Gynecological Hospital of the Academy Erfut, the deliveries of the year 1973 were analysed prospectively in regard of the frequency of umbilical cord complications and their effects to the fetus. At a frequency of 39.3%--i.e. every 5th delivery--, umbilical cord complications became a menacing factor to the fetus. The clinical symptoms of fetal(More)
A device and its required furnishings for cryosurgery is demonstrated; during 3 years of clinical use, it has proved its worth when attending to benign and malignant diseases of vulva, vagina, and cervix. On the base of open processes, liquid nitrogen serves as cooling agent. Both "spray" and "contact-freezing" may be applied after a short starting period(More)
Placental scintigraphy was performed on 367 pregnant women over seven years. Indications were prepartum bleeding in 200 patients, Rh incompatibility in 111, and other types of high-risk pregnancy in 56. Nuclide113m In Cl3 was primarily used, with a scintillation camera being used for scintigraph recording. The sensitivity accounted for 98 per cent. The(More)
Cases of repetitive or extremely secondary anaemia in the wake of therapy-resistant genital bleeding so far had been tackled by radium treatment, which led to radiological castration. Such approach was based on hysterosalpingography and established absence of malignancy, and it used to be applied also to younger patients with reduced or lost operability.(More)