Klaus Reichenberger

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Combining elements appropriately within a coherent page layout is a well-recognized and crucial aspect of sophisticated information presentation. The precise function and nature of layout has not, however, been sufficiently addressed within computational approaches; attention is often restricted to relatively local issues of typography and text-formatting,(More)
The department Publication and Visualisation Environment (PaVE) at the Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI) is currently building a publishing environment for electronic reference works. As an example and in order to derive requirements for this publishing environment we are currently building an electronic prototype of the(More)
We report on a data model developed for the representation of lexical knowledge for the Duden ontology. The model is the result of a cooperation between the publishing house Duden and the software company intelligent views. Our general aim is to create an asset pool in which all the information present in the Duden dictionaries is integrated in order to(More)
The iTeach project of the Darmstadt University of Technology builds a webbased adaptive hypermedia teaching and learning environment for multimedia and communication technology. Hereby, the demands of diverse user groups, user levels and especially of diverse learning strategies are taken into account. Besides information gained from the interaction with(More)
During the last four years the PaVE department at GMD-IPSI experimented with the Individualized Electronic Newspaper, an active publication that is individualized and composed on demand for a reader, and then delivered electronically. The work concentrated on the user interface design for active electronic publications and, in particular, on the(More)
One of the main goals in developing digital libraries is to provide users with opportunities for accessing and using information in highly flexible and user-oriented ways not available in current information repositories. This implies a focus on supporting the intellectual access to information and to consider the context of the information request. Systems(More)
In this paper we presen t a system for automatically producing multimedia pages of information that draws both from results in data-driven aggregation in information visualization and from results in communicative-goal oriented natural language generation. Our system constitutes an architectural synthesis of these two directions, allowing a beneficial(More)