Klaus Pulverer

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We demonstrate a 32-core dense space division multiplexed (DSDM) transmission of PDM-16QAM 20-WDM signals over 1644.8km with a record aggregate SE distance product of 331,300b/s/Hz·km employing a low-crosstalk 32-core fiber in a partial recirculating-loop system. OCIS codes: (060.2330) Fiber optics communications; (060.1660) Coherent communications
Next-generation passive optical networks (NG-PONs) promise significant bandwidth increase to end users. Research and standardization efforts are underway to enable enhancements from contemporary PONs to NG-PONs. An area that has not been much investigated from the context of NG-PON2 (as defined by the Full Service Access Networking [FSAN] body) is the(More)
  • Willi Merz, Rolf Glitzky, +4 authors K H Hoomann
  • 1999
The production of modern microchips requires a large number of fabrication steps. One important step is the creation of semiconducting areas within a complex layer system. Charged dopants are implanted into a semiconducting material and under the in uence of high temperatures the dopants penetrate into the layer. This redistribution of dopants and point(More)
This paper outlines and proposes the vision of an open architecture framework for a virtualized passive optical metro access network. An open lambda environment based on this architecture framework and its benefits to different stakeholders are described. The paper provides analogous comparisons with existing proposals and discusses two practical examples(More)
In this paper, a simulation model of a multicore fiber in the linear regime is presented. We describe how to digitally represent the fiber and introduce a modelling scheme based on Coupled-Mode theory and Power-Coupled theory to analyze the system performance of multicore fibers. In order to validate the investigated model, the obtained simulation results(More)
A 10.5 Tbit/s optical transmission (15 x 100 Gbit/s QPSK channels per core) over 2,520 km of multicore fiber is achieved using an integrated multicore transmission link consisting of directly spliced multicore components such as fan-in/fanout fiber couplers, a 60 km trench-assisted 7-core hexagonal fiber and cladding-pumped erbium-ytterbium-doped fiber(More)
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