Klaus-Peter Zeller

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Glut1 is a specific transporter system that mediates glucose transfer across the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Although the main location of Glut1 is in the capillary endothelium of the brain, its local distribution in different brain regions is not as well defined. In the present investigation, the local pattern of Glut1 distribution was determined in 13(More)
In the adult brain, Glut1 is associated with capillaries that form a tight barrier whereas Glut1 is lacking in capillaries with non-barrier properties, i.e. the circumventricular organs. In the present study the postnatal developmental changes of brain capillaries and Glut1 were compared in different tight and non-barrier structures. Rats were investigated(More)
Glut3 is a glucose transporter protein which facilitates the transport of glucose across the neuronal membranes. The local distribution of Glut3 in the brain is not well known. The present study had the aim to verify the local distribution of Glut3 in the brain and to compare it with the local glucose utilization. A polyclonal antibody directed against the(More)
Recent studies of our group have shown that the oxidation of the substituted anthraquinone skeleton is involved in the biotransformation of mitoxantrone. In this report the importance of this process with regard to the mode of action of the drug is investigated. This communication describes a new high performance liquid chromatography separation for(More)
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