Klaus Peter Wilhelm

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The origin of the solar wind in solar coronal holes has long been unclear. We establish that the solar wind starts flowing out of the corona at heights above the photosphere between 5 megameters and 20 megameters in magnetic funnels. This result is obtained by a correlation of the Doppler-velocity and radiance maps of spectral lines emitted by various ions(More)
In consequence of the speciality of the fibrous sheath, it is possible that there will be a KTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) after injury of bone and soft parts of the carpal region. In contradistinction to atraumatic cases the traumatic KTS is combined with injury of the ulnar nerve in the “canal de Guyon” in high percentage. The early operative splitting of(More)
The callotasis lengthening technique was used to gradually lengthen the capitate after resection of the lunate in stage IIIa necrosis in 23 patients. Results of ten patients with a follow-up of at least 5 years showed rapid and sufficient callus formation in every patient regardless of age. The callotasis lengthening modification of the Graner II operation(More)
We study the structure and dynamics of active region magnetic loops at transition region temperatures by analyzing high resolution observations of the active region NOAA 7962 at the limb on 1996 May 6. During the decay phase of a B-class are which occurred at the active region, the Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation (SUMER) spectrograph on(More)
As resumé we state that the subcutaneous rupture of the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus takes place in typical localisation conditioned by anatomical and biomechanical facts. A part from open surgery, index plastic has proved the best method of operation. The index tendon offers the optimal premises. The operation is necessary because the function of(More)
The bridging of nervous defects became promissing, after succeeding in a great extent to neutralize homologous nerve grafts through extraction of enzymes and antigenes. From the 33 homologous nerve graftings performed within the last 10 months, with graft lengths between 3 and 27 cm, only the 17 grafts that were performed more than 5 months ago can be(More)
Basing on anatomical measurements, it was demonstrated, that the Achilles tendon approximates the Tibia, when dorsal flexion in the ankle joint is present. Thus it was developed a particular mathematical model in order to evaluate the dynamic tension — efficacy acting on the Achilles tendon. Our investigations show, that the tendon's limit of charge (700(More)
In consequence of an altered healing-process of bone after new osteosynthesis-treatment, the indications for the removal of implants must reconcile with strict criteria, which presumes experience and practice. Contrary to conservative treatment, the callus after osteosynthesis is inversely proportional to the obtained stabilisation. That means, that one(More)