Klaus-Peter Scherer

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BACKGROUND Right ventricular (RV) function is an important determinant of survival after myocardial infarction. The efficacy of reperfusion therapy might be increased by the cardioprotective action of inotropic agents, which are used for symptomatic therapy in situations with compromised hemodynamics. Therefore, we used a porcine model of RV ischemia and(More)
Self-learning support systems are already being successfully used to support sophisticated processes. For the widespread industrial use, there are still challenges in terms of accessibility with respect to the process and the scalability in the context of large amounts of data. This paper provides an example-driven view on the Bishop project for Big Data(More)
For the validation of ontologies, test cases can be applied. In order to ease the acquisition of such test cases, automatic methods can be used. This paper introduces such an approach to unit testing of ontologies using subgroup discovery methods. The tests are given by small ontologies, which will be compared to an existing ontology. The generation of the(More)
Ontology evaluation is an important method supporting the lifecycle of ontology engineering. In particular, in the context of self-learning support systems that aim at supporting ontology learning the evaluation of the learned ontol-ogy is crucial. In order to provide widespread application, e.g., in industrial use cases and Big Data contexts, there are(More)