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Danaeopsis Heer ex Schimper 1869 and its European Triassic species
During the Middle–Upper Triassic the fern genus Danaeopsis was widely distributed in both hemispheres. Danaeopsis fronds are simple pinnate with elongate pinnae characterised by a strong midrib andExpand
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Spinicaudata (“Conchostraca,” Crustacea) from the Middle Keuper (Upper Triassic) of the southern Germanic Basin, with a review of Carnian–Norian taxa and suggested biozones
The Coburg Sandstone member of the Hassberge Formation, Middle Keuper, Carnian, Upper Triassic, in the Germanic Basin of Central Europe contains spinicaudatan branchiopods which considerably broadenExpand
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Naiadita lanceolata (Marchantiophyta) from the Middle Triassic (Ladinian) of Germany: a new reconstruction attempt and considerations on taphonomy
The fossil liverwort Naiadita lanceolata is described here from lacustrine deposits occurring intercalated in the Albertibank complex of the Lower Keuper, Erfurt Formation (Ladinian, Middle Triassic)Expand
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