Klaus P Pranzas

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We report strong diffraction of cold neutrons from an only 30 micro m thick holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (H-PDLC) transmission grating. The light-induced refractive-index modulation for neutrons is about 10(-6), i.e., nearly 2 orders of magnitude larger than in the best photo-neutron-refractive materials probed up to now. This makes H-PDLCs(More)
Space debris population in low Earth orbit has been increasing constantly with the increase in spacecraft missions. Hypervelocity space debris impacts limit the functionality of polymeric outer surfaces and, in extreme cases, might cause a total loss of a spacecraft. In this work, the fracture of Kapton films by ultrahigh velocity impacts was studied. A(More)
The electron doped manganite system, Bi0.125Ca0.875MnO3, exhibits large bulk magnetization of unknown origin. To select amongst possible magnetic ordering models, we have conducted temperature and magnetic field dependent small-angle neutron scattering measurements. Non-trivial spin structure has been revealed. Ferromagnetic spin clusters form in the(More)
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