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AIM To describe and discuss the merits of various direct and indirect methods applied in vitro (mainly on blood or milk) or in vivo (allergic test) for the diagnosis of brucellosis in animals. METHODS The recent literature on brucellosis diagnostic tests was reviewed. These diagnostic tests are applied with different goals, such as national screening,(More)
Variation in the size of home range of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) has broad implications for managing populations, agricultural damage, and disease spread and transmission. Size of home range of deer also varies seasonally because plant phenology dictates the vegetation types that are used as foraging or resting sites. Knowledge of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with somatoform disorders could be vulnerable to stressors and have difficulties coping with stress. The aim was to explore what the patients experience as stressful and how they resolve stress in everyday life. METHODS A cross-sectional retrospective design using 24 semi-structured individual life history interviews. Data-analysis was(More)
Brucellosis is an important zoonosis and a significant cause of reproductive losses in animals. Abortion, placentitis, epididymitis, and orchitis are the most common clinical manifestations in animals. In humans, brucellosis is a debilitating and chronic disease, which may affect a variety of organs. Clinical diagnosis of brucellosis is not easily achieved.(More)
Here we present a review of most of the currently used polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based methods for identification of Brucella bacteria in biological samples. We focused in particular on methods using single-pair primers, multiplex primers, real-time PCRs, PCRs for marine Brucella, and PCRs for molecular biotyping. These methods are becoming very(More)
eIF4A is a key component in eukaryotic translation initiation; however, it has not been clear how auxiliary factors like eIF4B and eIF4G stimulate eIF4A and how this contributes to the initiation process. Based on results from isothermal titration calorimetry, we propose a two-site model for eIF4A binding to an 83.5 kDa eIF4G fragment (eIF4G-MC), with a(More)
The first Danish Society for Emergency Medicine (DASEM) recommendations for the use of clinical ultrasound in emergency departments has been made. The recommendations describes what DASEM believes as being current best practice for training, certification, maintenance of acquired competencies, quality assurance, collaboration and research in the field of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to explore how mindfulness group therapy for somatoform disorders influenced the patients' stress experiences, coping strategies and contextual psychosocial processes. METHODS A longitudinal pre- and post-treatment design, using 22 semi-structured individual pre- and post-treatment interviews. Data-analysis was based on a thematic(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore patterns of experienced stress and stress reactions before the onset of illness in the life history of patients with severe somatoform disorders to identify predisposing stress-mechanisms. METHODS A systematic, thematic analysis was conducted on data collected from 24 semi-structured individual life history interviews. RESULTS(More)