Klaus Mathwig

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A nanogap sensor with two parallel planar electrodes, as sketched in Fig. 1a, was used for experiments. The method for microfabricating the devices is summarized here. The 20 nm thick platinum bottom electrode was deposited using electron beam evaporation using a Blazers BAK 600 system and patterned by photolithography and a lift off process using Arch(More)
This paper reports on an improved method for characterizing single cells within a microfluidic channel, which combines the output of a Dynamic Vision Sensor camera with data from a differential impedance spectroscopy measurement. The combination of optical and impedance data allows the size, shape and position of the cells to be determined in addition to(More)
This paper presents improvements in flow detection by electrical cross-correlation spectroscopy. This new technique detects molecular number fluctuations of electrochemically active analyte molecules as they are transported by liquid flow through a nanochannel. The fluctuations are used as a marker of liquid flow as their time of flight in between two(More)
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